Friday, July 29, 2011

Rearranging the Shop

This is how my shop looked when I first moved in.  Boy, nice and empty.  The bench originally had two slabs separated by a center tool tray and I wanted to work from all sides.  I changed the bench layout a few times and now it has the two slabs joined into one.  I've gotten tired of fighting with the column so I've decided to move the bench against the beadboard wall.
I've framed in the far wall with 2x4 studs and will cover it with pegboard to hold all those miscellaneous tools that show up in the shop.  The stud wall is fastened to a joist at the top but I was out of RamSet nails to fasten the bottom plate to the concrete.  I picked some up last night so this weekend should see the completion of the wall and moving of the bench.

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